Overseas website for EDISONmama, a brand of various baby products

About Us

Why EDISONmama?

We want to make to protect a healthy baby’s life and ensure their well-being at every stage. Our mission is to provide multi-functional products that make parenting life easier, fostering a nurturing environment for both parents and children. We are dedicated to supporting toddlers in their journey of growth, helping them achieve those heartwarming “Papa, Mama, I made it” moments with our innovative and reliable solutions.

Children need to grow up in challenges, learning, and having a sense of achievement.
However, parents are having busy days in child-rearing.
EDISONmama supports children to feel fulfilled and help parents to create a wonderful environment to take good care of their child with EDISONmama’s special ideas.

EDISONmama’s Philosophy

Baby product made with love and care

Safety is always our first priority.
We pride ourselves on innovation, constantly adapting to the needs of parents and striving for continual improvements.