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New Product “Fork & Spoon Beginner Left Handed Set”

Edison Mama’s “Fork & Spoon Beginner Set” has been on the market since 2014, and has become a very popular product loved by many mothers, fathers, and babies, especially those who say, “It’s easy to hold, so children can enjoy eating themselves! It is a very popular product that has been loved by many mothers, fathers, and babies.


Do you have a left-handed version? So we have decided to launch the “Fork & Spoon Beginner Set Orange for Left Handed Babies”, which allows left-handed babies to enjoy their meals. Because Babies are not yet sure of their dominant hand, this product is designed to develop their potential and allow them to eat in a way that is easy for them to use.

Point1. Easy to grip and easy to eat

The fork has grooves to prevent noodles and ingredients from falling out, and the round tip is safe and secure. The spoon is deep enough to reach the mouth without spilling. The tip is uniquely angled so that even babies who have difficulty turning their wrists can carry it straight to their mouths. The round and thick handle can be held from either the top, bottom, or pencil grip, making it possible to tailor meals to each child.



Point2. Comes with a zipper pouch for easy carrying

The storage case is now a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) zipper pouch instead of the conventional plastic one. Since moms and dads have a lot of luggage when they go out, we adopted the zipper pouch for compact storage to save as much space as possible in their luggage. Also, since it is not uneven, it can be wiped and cleaned.


Point3. Energizing orange color

The color is a warm orange. It is said that warm colors stimulate the hunger center of the brain and increase appetite. It also makes food look tasty and makes eating fun for babies. It is sure to add color to your dining table and make your meals more enjoyable. The Fork & Spoon Beginner Set series comes in a total of four different colors, three for right-handed use and one for left-handed use. The colors include lemon, which is easy to use for both men and women, peach, which is soft and gentle, soda, which is clean and refreshing, and orange, which can be used by left-handed babies. You can also choose your baby’s favorite color or different colors for siblings or multiples to make your dining table more colorful. Let’s enjoy baby food time together as a family with the Fork & Spoon Beginner Set.